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Farmers Market

Computer Lab

Class Descriptions

(all classes are standalone

and run two hours from 10 a.m.-Noon

See calendar for schedule of classes)


COMPUTER BASICS: Overview of computer hardware, input devices, peripherals, operating systems, the boot process, file systems and extensions, types of software, and repeat activities like opening and closing programs and documents. Basis skills or this class needed for other classes.


ECOMMERCE BASICS: Overview of selling and buying on major online shopping sites like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Craigslist, Facebook and others. Tips for sales success and uncovering deals. How to determine if shopping locally is the better option. How to avoid fraud and scams.


EMAIL AND THE INTERNET: Overview of email programs from Gmail to Outlook and what you can accomplish with them. Then an overview of Internet basics including browsers, parts of a website, search engines and effective searching, social media, VPNs, “the cloud” and online safety.


EXCEL (and its free clones): Spreadsheet basics with an emphasis on Microsoft Excel and free compatible programs like Libre Office (available on Library computers), WPS Office and Google Docs.


PHONES, TABLETS AND CHROMEBOOKS: Overview of these devices as they relate to desktop and laptop computers. Introducing new operating systems Android, Apple, Amazon Fire and Chrome. How to select the device that meets your needs.


PRINTING AND PHOTO EDITING: Basics of preparing your document or presentation for printing including sizing, quality and selecting. Then the basics of photo editing with quality free editing tools, complex programs like PhotoShop and In-Design, and the differences between a color photo on your screen and on your printer.


POWERPOINT AND PUBLISHER: Overview of slideshow/presentation programs like PowerPoint and graphic design programs like Publisher, with a look at the variety of alternatives available.


RESUMES AND ONLINE JOB SEARCH: Resume do’s and don’ts, and how to craft a compelling resume and cover letter. Then a look at online job search resources and websites, with a note about protecting yourself from job scams.


WORD (and its free clones): Word processing basics with an emphasis on Microsoft Word and free compatible programs like Libre Office (available on Library computers), WPS Office and Google Docs.